Xerox ColorQube gewinnt den "Technological Innovation Award"

Xerox ColorQube gewinnt den "Technological Innovation Award"

NORWALK, Conn., May 26, 2009  -- Xerox Corporation's (NYSE: XRX) ColorQube™ 9200 Series multifunction printer (MFP), launched earlier this month, is already turning heads in the office printing market. The MFP was honored with a Technological Innovation Award from Industry Analysts, Inc., in recognition of the breakthrough technology behind the world's first high-speed solid ink multifunction printer.

Industry Analysts Technical Services Division (IATSD) cited Xerox's technological innovation in expanding solid ink from desktop printers to business-class MFPs capable of printing at speeds up to 85 pages per minute in color.

According to Ted Needleman, senior director of IATSD, "Xerox's solid ink printers have long been recognized as a unique and effective approach to desktop color printing. Xerox has taken this proven approach and ramped it up with new print heads and a new controller that permit high-speed, high-quality color printing."

Customers have also seen the early benefits of solid ink technology. The Old Orchard Junior High School in Skokie, Ill. tested the ColorQube MFP and teachers expressed "hue-phoria" at the power of printing in color. "I use color in every document I create for my students now," said Clifton Dahlgren, seventh grade reading and language arts teacher. "It makes a difference with what the students take away from the lesson."

The technological innovations employed in the ColorQube™ 9200 Series include key environmental advantages such as:

Additionally, the ColorQube series cuts the cost of color pages by up to 62 percent compared to traditional color lasers. The MFPs are offered with Xerox's Hybrid Color pricing plans that significantly reduce color page costs by allowing customers to pay only for the amount of color used on any given page.